Rob Miller | Master Swordsmith

I have been making jewellery pieces here for a number of years by using gold, silver and platinum to create custom pieces such as rings, bracelets and pendants.


It is possible to match up jewellery pieces with any sword or knife work to create a set to wear day to day.

We got the rings in the mail today. They are wonderful! We absolutely adore them they are more than we had ever hoped for! They fit perfectly and look stunning together.     Kirsten and Justin Teel



Urnes Dragon Brooch-Sterling Silver


Ravens Ring

from £85 in Silver

Ravens Ring-Gold

from £550

Dragon Scarf ring-Sterling silver


Dragon Uroborus Earrings

£60 per pair in sterling silver

Twin Dragon head Bracelet

£140 in Sterling Silver

Mans celtic Knotwork ring

£125 in Sterling Silver.POA for gold

Celtic Wolves ring

£90 Sterling Silver- GOLD P.O.A

Penanular Brooch

£285 Sterling Silver- stone setting available

Celtic Hearts rings

£95 Sterling Silver-GOLD P.O.A

snuggled Dragons Ring

£80 Sterling Silver -GOLD P.O.A

Uroborus Ring

£95 Sterling Silver

Knotwork Earrings

£60 per pair in Sterling Silver

Mens Celtic Knot Bracelet

£155 in Sterling Silver

Single Raven ring

£95 in Sterling Silver.Gold POA

Urnes Dragon pendant

£110 in Sterling Silver with chain

Raven Bracelet


Raven Bracelet


Wolfshead Ring

£110 in silver Gold-P.O.A

Girls Celtic Bracelet


Womens Celtic Weave ring

£105 in Sterling Silver. gold POA

Damascus steel Wedding Rings

starting at £125

damascus wedding rings

small Celtic engagement ring

£95 plus stone and setting fee.

Viking Knotwork Ring

£90 -£95 in silver

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