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Castle Keep was established in 1991 on the Isle of Skye and has gone on to become recognised worldwide for the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each individual piece.

I am one of the very few remaining swordsmiths who uses traditional techniques to create entirely authentic, functional swords and knives. This means using fire and a hammer to forge, harden and temper the steel to give it the desired qualities of toughness and flexibility, as well as the beauty and grace of true works of art.

I offer my work and services  to discerning collectors, enthusiasts and those seeking a true heirloom made in the traditional manner of the Medieval Smith.

Rob, it's a FANTASTIC sword. It arrived quickly (yay!) and your packing was simple but effective. Very efficient! It arrived intact and in perfect condition. I love the scabbard, the basket, the velvet, the blade - everything!

Jeff Williams-Texas U.S.A

A Sword's Journey

The Living Sword

Here you will see a short clip illustrating the process by which your sword is brought to life.

Rob Miller

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Hi Rob
Sword came last week.  It is gorgeous, better than I expected. Thank you.


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rob. Highly responsive and flexible on all the special wishes, great ideas, fully reliable on any aspect, but above all: what a beautiful and skilled piece of stunning old fashioned craftsmanship!" 

 Holger Cordes-Switzerland 2017


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