Rob Miller

Master Swordsmith

I arrived on the Isle of Skye in 1990 after spending my earlier years as a musician in Devon and Somerset.

At that time there were very few people worldwide making swords, which made it difficult to find information and assistance in an age before the Internet. So, I began writing to Antiquarian bookshops and assembled some basic equipment with a view to teach myself the art of the Swordsmith. It took some months to find the right books, but I then began teaching myself and building a small forge in a Dunvegan garden shed.

Initially, I was just interested to find out how swords could be crafted in the modern age but the production of my first few blades attracted the attention of visitors to the Island. There developed the idea of actually doing this as a 'job'.

In order to create the sword from raw materials I soon became aware that I would need several other skill sets too: leatherwork, jewellery-making and woodwork are all required during the making of the scabbard and belt work, and the fine ornamentation of the more elaborate pieces. I have managed to integrate several disciplines into my work and offer a unique service through producing a real and strong working blade and hardware from raw materials through to the finished item.

As one of the longer established makers worldwide I have gained a positive reputation for my work and I am very pleased to say that a lot of my customers return to Castle Keep over the years.

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