Steinvik Sword

The Steinvik Sword-Norwegian Viking treasure

I started on this project over a year ago,working in between jobs or on the odd weekend,trying to do justice to the detailing and craftsmanship of this magnificent piece which is detailed in Peirce’s ‘Swords of the Viking Age’
I began by carving the guard and pommel in wax,and this in turn was cast in Bronze.the silver wires were all inlaid and hammered in,along with the intricate gripping beast panels in Bronze.
The grip was ornamented with a silver ring ,again inlaid with the same features,and collars similar to another contemporary piece,a theme that i continued through the silver and bronze scabbard fittings.
The Pattern welded blade was forged from a fine billet made by Mick Maxen who’s work in this field is unsurpassed in my view.
It is sometimes difficult to imagine how these early craftsmen were able to achieve such exquisite detail in their work,with such a short life expectancy and the lack of modern tools and equipment,this must have been the treasured possession of a great Lord and a story all in itself.


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