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hand forged sword on the isle of skye

Hand Forged in the Heart of Skye

Under the shadow of Bla Bheinn on the west coast of Skye each sword is brought to life using skills centries old.

All my swords are carefully created to give both an aesthetic beauty and an authentic integrity. These are all fully working pieces; each blade is forged, hardened and tempered to give a Rockwell hardness of 52-55. This is ideal for both flexibility and holding a cutting edge, the two primary qualities to look for in a sword.

I use EN45 and EN47 medium carbon spring steel to give exceptional toughness and performance, also Damascus pattern welded steels on special request. The fittings are made to assemble tightly onto the blade prior to being fixed in place.

Hot peening the tang is a traditional method for fixing the pommel in place. I also use a recessed nut for some pieces to enable disassembly.

Grips are generally made from hardwood, either leather or wire bound, also twine binding with calfskin - all of which are authentic methods. The pommel can be inset with silver or bronze coins upon request, made and cast from your design. Likewise, the blade can be decorated with etching to order. I use the traditional method of cutting into beeswax and laying on acid to achieve a deep pattern, all performed freehand.


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How much is a sword? Well that is a hard question to answer... I make single handed swords from around £700 and hand and a halfs starting around £850.

Custom work tends to be a little more expensive as it often requires new patterns to be made from scratch which is where the extra time comes in. However, generally speaking a sword is affordable to most people. If you want more detailing, elaborate inlays, exotic steels etc then the price does increase. I am able to work within most budgets to produce a fine piece. 

Materials can include silver and gold work, Damascus or pattern welded steels, ray skin or exotic grip materials as well as scabbard work including belts and buckles. 

If you have any questions or would like a quote please get in touch below. I pride myself on offering truly unique pieces and giving each of my customers a sword to last generations.

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